Detail Items

Products to detail or restore the interior of your car.

Rubber Mats

Floor mats and running board covers.

Rubber Mats
Pedal Pads

Accelerator, clutch, and brake pedal pads

Pedal Pads

Do it yourself hard to find items, great for any restoration

Boots & Bellows

Shifter bellows, dust bellows, wiring harness bellows, and much more

Boots & Bellows
  • M 2-3636

    Running Board & Floor Mat Rubber -M 2-3636


    Running Board & Floor Mat Rubber. Made of long-wearing black rubber stock. Ribs are 1/4" inch wide. 36" X 36". EachFeaturesCan be cut to fit your application Made from the highest quality material that stands up to harsh weather conditions

Why Buy From Metro Moulded Parts

  • Metro parts are made with a proprietary closed micro-cell technology. All parts have very smooth skin that is free of exposed cells or flaws. Furthermore, you can be confident that your parts will continue to retain a uniform size, provide even compression, and retain superior memory. Other brands are coated with an outer latex skin that will bruise, gall, blister, glaze, crack, and peel.

  • We use the latest advancements in CAD and CNC milling for proper 3D contouring, assuring a perfect fit and OEM quality appearance. Our molds are milled from single metal blocks to tolerances of 0.001 in. to minimize flash lines in finished parts. Mold cavities are polished regularly to product parts with high luster and smooth contours.

  • Metro parts are made locally in the USA.

  • All Metro parts are guaranteed for a full 15 years. Each part comes with a certificate of guarantee. We promise that if your Metro made part fails at any time during that time they'll replace it free of charge. That's their "No Hassle" guarantee. Don't settle for a simple promise of satisfaction. Metro's warranty is the best you can get! Bar none!

  • Metro parts are 30% softer and more durable than other brands. Simply the softest reproduction in the market.

  • In addition, Metro parts provides extraordinary resistance to hardening and decay caused by exposure to ozone and UV light.

  • None of Metro's parts use accelerants or cheap fillers in the molding processes, which can cause the part to prematurely age and fail.

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