What Classic Car to Buy for Fun
There are many reasons why people get into old cars. Some people like the designs, others see them as investments, and some enthusiasts just like to embrace nostalgia. What if you just want to know what classic car to buy for fun? After all, isn’t that central the point of this hobby? After getting wrapped up in deciding between brands, restoration goals and levels of originali …
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How to Stop Mice From Getting in a Classic Car
While most accident damage can be repaired, mouse damage can easily total your car. Over time, they can strip wiring of its insulation, rip apart interiors and leave debris in intakes. On top of that, they leave behind infectious diseases, making cleanup dangerous. Here’s what you should know about how to stop mice from getting in classic cars, what you should do if you have an …
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How to Remove Weather Stripping Adhesive
Failing weatherstripping adhesive is annoying, and it can be hard to fix if you don’t know what you’re doing. Once it gives way, seals can peel off, letting air and water in while interfering with the movement of doors and windows. If you simply apply new sealant, or try to fix the problem with an all-purpose glue, the weatherstrip will fail almost immediately. Most of these fa …
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Automotive Weatherstripping Profiles
Installing new weatherstripping doesn’t just stop leaks, it can be a welcome improvement in daily driving, thanks to reduced wind noise. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the technical terms surrounding these rubber seals. Here’s what you need to know to buy the correct weatherstripping and fit it to your vehicle.Where is Weatherstripping Used on My Vehicle? A …
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How to Find the History on an Antique Car
When you buy a daily driver, you want to know it’s history, so you can avoid a lemon. While a car may seem fine on the surface, it could be hiding accident damage and wear from poor maintenance. When you buy an antique car, knowing its history is helpful for more than just possible repairs. It can be helpful for evaluating the value and the course you should take during restora …
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