General Installation Tips

Please Read Before Installing! Your auto restoration plans are coming along and you're ready to install the finishing touches with the best rubber weatherstripping from METRO.

Here are a few simple tools, tips and techniques that will give your project a real professional finish. Be sure to read through this section and gather all the materials you will need prior to starting the job.

Tools & Tips

Apply a water-based lubricant / protectant such as Armorall, or a silicone based furniture polish like Lemon Pledge, to METRO parts where noted in the instructions. Among other things, these lubricants / protectants will allow you to more easily slide fitted rubber parts into cavities or channels. Always use a clean rag to apply these product.

METRO's SUPERSoft rubber is designed for long life and superior sealing qualities. To assure that your installation takes best advantage of these products, we suggest you use the 3M Super Black Weatherstrip Adhesive (#08008).

Always keep in mind, this adhesive dries quickly, so have the surface area and replacement part fitted and ready for installation prior to adding any glue. Always apply the glue to another object like a popsicle stick and use the stick to carefully apply the glue to the rubber.

For removing old rubber and any remaining adhesive residue, try the 3M Weatherstrip Adhesive Release Agent (#8971).

Cover any adjoining finished auto body surfaces prior to application with masking tape. This is especially important when applying glue.

Simple tools are needed for the installation, such as a Phillips head screwdriver, pliers, and a sharp knife or razor blade.

  • Masking tape will protect your car's finish when removing or installing rubber.
  • A color crayon may be used to match and mark the anchor holes.
  • A clean spackling tool or scraper can be used for spreading glue and inserting the rubber into channels by using the edge.
  • Super glues can be used to repair rubber if it tears during installation.
  • We recommend 60-grit sandpaper to lightly roughen the rubber surface that will bond next to your car so that your rubber
  • adheres better when using an adhesive.
  • Use a clean rag to wipe and dry your car surface prior to applying your weatherstripping.
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