Pillar Post Installation Guide

So easy to install and so important for your car! Our pillar post weatherstrip helps prevent water leaks, supports and firms your side windows, and helps seal out noise. It is the best replacement sponge on the market!


Carefully remove the old seals from your car, using a release agent if necessary. Remove all old rubber pieces from the retainer channel, using a wire brush if necessary. Wipe clean.

Watch out for the sharp edges! You may put a strip of masking tape down the sides to help prevent scratches. Bumper


Using a clean rag, cover the entire strip with lubricant for easy installation and adjustment.


Starting at the bottom (Figure 7A & 7B), set and install the molded end, inserting new pins into holes. Apply a very tiny amount of glue to a clean spot (clean up any lubricant) on the back side of the end to help hold it in place.


After the bottom end is installed and all pins are in place, apply a small amount of water based lubricant to both the retainer channel and the back side of the seal. Now carefully pry the flange into the retainer channel using a hard squeegee.


The exact final length can be adjusted by pushing and compressing the rubber. The lubricant should allow the rubber to slide easily. Repeat this procedure for the other side.


If the ends seem to slip, clean off any lubricant and then apply only a tiny amount of adhesive to help hold the ends.


Your new seal is made from our great SUPERSoft sponge. It will adjust slightly in profile after a few days to provide excellent sealing qualities. This will be done while your window is compressed against the new seal.

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