Snap-In Bumper Kits Installation Guide


Popping out old, hard and cracked rubber bumpers takes little more than a screwdriver and some careful prying. To prevent scratching the surface, you may want to use a non-metal object to cushion the screwdriver as you pry.

If a plastic anchor breaks off and remains in the hole, try poking it through or even carefully using a tiny drill bit to remove it.


Align anchors with door holes and push in (Figure 6A). You may use a light lubricant, such as soap, and the handle end of a small screwdriver to push the carrot in solidly.


Hood bumpers are important for a proper hood fit. Match the fender slots and bumper anchors and slide the bumper into the key hole slot. Adjustable bumpers should already be adjusted to the proper height of your hood. If not, screw the bolt up or down for a flush hood.


These tiny bumpers help prevent glove box or console noise and help keep your car from the damage associated with opening and closing these small doors. Use pliers to pull the old ones out and push in the new ones. Pulling a tail from the back is also helpful (Figure 6B).

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